Bruins of North Carolina


Eastern North Carolina is known for its big bears and NCWRC has done a great job managing this animal.   This past season some changes in the laws around bear hunting raised some concerns among some of the avid bear hunters.  Bear Hunting was opened across the state and the limited use of natural bait was allowed for everyone.  Prior to this season hound hunters were allowed to have dogs pass through a bait site for deer.  There was a lot of talk of doom and gloom from some that the North Carolina bruin was going to just get slammed by these changes.  While I haven’t seen any totals for the bears tagged this year from NCWRC it would seem the big spike did not happen.  In some of the conversations I’ve had it would seem that the use of natural baits gave still hunters the opportunity to better size up the bruins coming in  and they got a bit selective.  Bear hunters should be looking for a survey from NCWRC in the mail to report how their season went fill it out even if your like me and only had that tag with ya while deer hunting just in case.

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