NC Elk


The reintroduction of elk into North Carolina has been so far successful.  A small but growing herd is in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and surrounding lands. You can see them most times late in the afternoon and around sunset in the meadows around Catalochee Valley.  I have gone there a lot of different times of the year and I have never been skunked on seeing them. Be advised the road in while safe for 2 wheel drive vehicles can become treacherous with just a little bit of weather be it a snowstorm in the winter or a thunderstorm in the summer.

Map into the valley from Asheville NC which is about  75 minutes away and a place we often stay.  Maggie Valley is a lot closer and smaller then Asheville and  has a number of motels & hotels but book up fast during the busy times.  The drive from Asheville is nice there are a lot more options on where to stay and what to do then Maggie Valley.  Elk can also be seen often in the fields around the National Park’s Visitor Center outside of Cherokee NC.  I have found those elk to be a bit more hit or miss and not as predictable as seeing the ones in Cataloochee Valley.

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