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A St Patrick’s Day Recipe Tundra Swan Pot Pie

St. Patrick’s Day has always been a big day since I was a wee little lad when the lucky leprechaun would visit and leave us green milk for our morning … Continue Reading →


Turkey Hunting and The “50 Yard Gun”

Not all that long ago a “50 yard” shot at a turkey with a shotgun was widely considered irresponsible and unethical. But today with the advancement in chokes and loads … Continue Reading →


Days like Today get me excited for Turkey Season

  A sunny gorgeous day like today makes me anticipate the opening of turkey season which is about a month away now for us in here in North Carolina.  Youth … Continue Reading →


Welcome To Updated Blog

Today is the relaunch of my blog Moose Droppings.  In the past I have been part of a network but today I set out on my own.  You can expect … Continue Reading →