Days like Today get me excited for Turkey Season



A sunny gorgeous day like today makes me anticipate the opening of turkey season which is about a month away now for us in here in North Carolina.  Youth will get a week head start on us adults here but we’ll all be yelping real soon.  Turkey hunting  has got to be my favorite hunting.  When things fall together you know it’s going to be a great day but just one slip and those gobblers are gone.  Here is a video I shot last year on opening day this bird was in the fat frying in my mind till hunter Murphy showed up and changed things around.  You can never assume its over till you punch that tag and that’s what I love about turkey hunting its exciting and very unpredictable.


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  • Charles Perry says:

    GREAT to see this back up and running!! You will not recognize that kid now.. Now he is 6’3″.. :) But he is still hooked on the turkeys. great article and thanks for getting back to the droppings!

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