A St Patrick’s Day Recipe Tundra Swan Pot Pie

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St. Patrick’s Day has always been a big day since I was a wee little lad when the lucky leprechaun would visit and leave us green milk for our morning cereal and often leave his foot prints across the stick of butter. Then my mother’s Irish bread….. to this day my siblings and I will fight for the last slice of Ma’s Irish Bread.
While corn beef and cabbage is the traditional St Patty’s Day meal I love a good Irish Stew or a Guinness Pie. Here is my recipe for Swan Pot Pie or you could substitute goose, venison or whatever you have on hand. Then if you want a stew just leave out the pie shells.

Tundra Swan Pot Pie
2 packages of rolled pie crusts
6oz of Beer (Guinness if you got it)
Tundra Swan Breast or Goose or Venison or if desperate beef (Aprox 3lbs)
3 or 4 slices of Bacon for the grease
1 Can of French Onion Soup
1 Can of Beef Mushroom Soup
¾ lb of chunked Potatoes boiled
1 lb of sliced carrots boiled
½ mushrooms
Corn (I used a small can but could use leftovers)
Green Peas “ I despise this vegetable so often times I forget the peas“
Dash of Heinz 57
4 tablespoons of Bisquick
1 onion Chopped
Fresh Rosemary

Day before I made up a marinade of Dales Sauce, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, and spices and put the swan breast to marinade. Today I cooked up the bacon to add grease to the pan and then cooked the swan breast to medium in the bacon grease. If your not using lean game meat you could skip the bacon. I removed the breast from the pan and sliced it up into bite size chunks and dumped it back into the pan with the onion and the mushrooms, some fresh rosemary and sautéed.
The sauce
Dump the soups into a pan (do not add water), the beer, a dash of Heinz 57, and the Bisquick and stir well to reduce lumps.
Then add the rest of the items including the swan and mix. Follow directions for pie crusts and then pour the mixture into the pie crust and then put on the top crust with vent holes. Pop the pies into a preheated 350 oven and bake for an hour. Pull out let cool for a few minutes and then slice and enjoy.


Happy St Patrick’s Day

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