Moose Lottery This Weekend….. Do Ya Feel Lucky?

I’ve been entering this lottery for probably close to 30 years now.  I’ve been drawn twice so I have no reason to expect lady luck to smile on me again especially when I know some family and friends who have never been drawn…. but I can hope for a third time.  In the early days when I lived in Maine the drawing was carried live on radio stations across the state.  For a few hours one evening a lot of people stayed glued to their radios listening to names being called as they were literately pulled out of the barrel. If you didn’t listen to the radio you’d have to wait for the next day’s copy of the Bangor Daily to arrive with the published list.  These days the computer draws and its published almost instantly to the web.  There is still a festival around the draw and a celebration of the iconic critter that probably pulls up a close second behind the lobster when it comes to drawing visitors to the state.  I’ll hope lady luck looks my way again or at least at someone I know so maybe I can have a couple of moose steaks to grill over the campfire this fall.  Good Luck Everyone.


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